Professional Language Services

The world is becoming increasingly global. Opportunities overseas are bigger than ever. And the challenges of communicating are becoming more and more multi-language and multi-cultural.

Whether you’re working on a legal case, managing international marketing campaigns or simply providing information in another language, you need to get your message right.

Getting your language strategy right, through document translation services, localisation and multimedia services like voiceovers can be the difference between success and failure in communicating your message.

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Choosing the Right Partner

You need a language partner who understands how language fits to your project.

We have nearly a decade of experience in hi-tec translation. Our commitment to quality has led to us winning over 20 business awards and chairing our industry body, the ATC (Association of Translation Companies).

Our process is simple. We understand what you’re trying to achieve, we allocate the best resources to your project and make sure we meet your objectives.

We believe language is more than just taking words from one language to another. It’s a fundamental part of your business success.

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The Wolfestone Story

Wolfestone started just 9 years ago with a simple idea; to revolutionise the way the industry approaches translation. Our mission was helping businesses to buy a service they really needed, not one translators thought they needed.

We quickly gained market share and created services which clients were asking for. We became the Chair of our UK trade body (ATC), contributor to the Guardian, and a centre of excellence for overcoming language barriers. That’s when we knew we were truly a partner not a supplier.

Disruptive thinking and innovation have led to us being one of the fastest growing companies in the translation industry.

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