How do you contribute to the business?

I focus on our people, from internal staff to our freelancers and ensure that our people are qualified and capable of delivering Wolfestone’s high quality services.  My role in the company also involves supporting staff and suppliers in their professional development and providing them with opportunities to grow with the business.

How do you contribute to the customer experience?

I recruit people that care about customer service and make sure they are trained and equipped to deliver what our customers need. My focus on career development and opportunities to progress will ensure that our customers continue to receive great service.

What drew you to the company?

Whilst completing my Translation Master’s degree at Swansea University I had the opportunity to work with Wolfestone through a practical module which the company supported. After completion of my degree I heard of a vacancy for  a Senior Project Manager and after being impressed with the company’s growth and ambitions I applied for it. Thanks to the company’s flexibility and forward thinking attitude I have since changed career path and moved into HR. The Directors recognised my skills in the area and supported me through my CIPD qualification, rewarding me upon completion with the role of HR Manager, which I have been enjoying since 2011.