Ensuring Precision Translations

Having a document translated can be a very delicate procedure and in order to make sure you get the best document translation services, you should be wary of the experience of each translation company. Subtleties in meaning can often be altered when translating which could have disastrous results, especially if you are translating medical documents

Choose Wolfestone For The Most Professional Russian Translation

Diplomatic relations between the English speaking world and Russia have always been very important. Russia is an incredibly vital world power with around 170 million native speakers of Russian and as many as 100 million more who speak it as a second language. The country itself has a huge amount of natural resources and is

Seek The Professionals For Quality Chinese Translation

There is no need to introduce the Chinese language. In its multiple forms it is spoken by over 1 billion people making it a language that you simply cannot ignore. Chinese English translation has therefore become one of the most important sectors of growth as China continues to flex its considerable economic muscles. Building trade

The Best French Translation

Here at Wolfestone we understand that there is a temptation to employ a freelance interpreter or translator to get your job done at short notice. What you will also know is that these services don’t come cheap at all and there’s always the possibility that your translator is not as experienced with different types of

Business Translation Services For Chinese

The output of China is increasing all of the time and in a business sense, making use of the growing power of this country is something that is seen as an imperative. For the past 20+ years many companies have outsourced their heavy industry to China in order to save production costs. This has meant

Calculating Your Translation Cost

Professional translation is no small undertaking. There is a general requirement that the documents you need translating are carried out by native speakers who understand cultural nuances and differences. Of course, there are many social differences within different regions that manifest themselves through language. Language itself can be a form of identification and social distinction.

Getting The Best Spanish Document Translation Services

It is often the case that you are selling a product that is being marketed in many different countries and you need localisation services. Many electronics products are shipped all over the world and need expert document translation services to adequately translate the instruction manual or information leaflets into another language. English Spanish translation is

A Translation Agency For All

When you are dealing with a translation agency like ours it is important to give as much surrounding information about the translation as possible. This will help us to choose the appropriate terminology in the subsequent language. Clearly, this is very important for businesses who are looking to target certain people with their products. Informal

Wolfestone Ends 2011 on a High note with Further Business Awards

Wolfestone, the leading language translation and voiceover service provider, has ended a record-breaking year with a series of prestigious business awards. The company, which offers translation services in almost all languages and dialects, enjoyed double success with two high-profile awards in different ceremonies on the same night. The Swansea Bay Regional Business Awards gala ceremony

Technical And Certified Arabic Translations

Relations between the English and Arabic speaking communities have been strengthening for the past 60+ years with many Arabic speakers moving to England, as well as business ties strengthening all of the time. This has meant that there is now more need for English Arabic translation than ever before and at a time when culture