After battling my way through the heavy morning traffic in the centre of Swansea, thanking my lucky stars that I don’t have to start until 9.30 a.m, (a usual 10 minute journey from home takes 45 minutes at that time of the morning), I arrive at the office (just about on time) and head straight to the kitchen for my morning caffeine fix.

Like most of my colleagues I have to wade through a deluge of emails offering Viagra and porn before reaching the important ones i.e from customers. Most of my emails are from new customers asking for quotations, I always respond within 30 minutes as I myself am impatient and realise that these quotations are very often urgent.

No two days are ever the same here which makes the job so interesting, everyday I receive quotations for languages that I have never even heard of, but then I am told to my surprise that Wolfestone do in fact have a translator it!

As the morning goes on, the busier it gets, quotations, orders, queries via telephone. When things are quieter I usually have a chance to do some marketing and follow up calls, which is usually in the afternoon after the morning rush. I am so lucky that I work with such a great team and things seem to run so smoothly here, unlike my last job which would have turned my hair grey if I had not left!

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by Linda Roper