How to Start a Multilingual PPC Campaign – 4 Pillars to Success

Are you considering a multilingual pay-per-click campaign? Recent data shows 36 percent of people still don’t realise that Google AdWords are ads. In this blog we are looking at 4 important things that you can’t afford to miss when setting up your first international PPC campaign.

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Trade Show Leads – How to Turn them into Customers?

As a professional trade show attendee, you know that after the trade show is when the real catch up work starts. This article gives 4 tips on how to turn international trade show leads into customers and why language service providers are so important.

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Trade show leads

How to Win Business in Russia?

Many top UK athletes are competing to win a medal at the Winter Olympics 2014. Russia also holds huge business potential, so we have chosen 3 top tips to help you close those business deals.

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win business in Russia

How Bulgarian and Romanian Immigrants Challenge British HR Departments

With the UK being named the “most lucrative“ destination by the London Evening Standard, HR departments are now regularly receiving job applications from Romanians and Bulgarians. We’ve listed the top three challenges a HR department faces by employing multicultural staff and how to overcome them.

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