We started to hear the same feedback being ushered to us this year: ‘you’re not like other translation companies.’ It’s true, we aren’t. Whereas other translation companies reject urgent translation requests, Wolfestone relishes the challenge of such projects and have successfully delivered all urgent translation projects so far in 2016.

What makes us so different is that we accept that urgency is a key factor of any business. Sometimes it can be unavoidable and you need a partner that is understanding of this. We don’t focus on the can’ts, we get to work to devise a plan of action to solve the problem with full transparency.

Wolfestone collaborates to provide the highest-quality translation possible while realising the importance of your deadline, working on a quicker turnaround than our competitors. We even translated 250,000 words in a week for one project by engaging with the client to learn their needs. Discussion with yourselves leads to a full understanding of what you require from your language service provider.

If you have an urgent translation request, get in touch with us to find out how we can solve your language problems.

Urgent Translation Projects Infographic

by Ashley Norris

Content and Social Media Executive at Wolfestone. Ashley Norris is a professional writer in various forms, a First Class film graduate from Aberystwyth University and an experienced digital marketer. Despite his young age, Ashley has been working in digital marketing since its inception into the mainstream, acquiring over six years of experience inadvertently on social media platforms - a powerful marketing tool - and content management systems (primarily WordPress). Since working at Wolfestone, Ashley has explored his content writing skills, fully learnt SEO (even its multilingual benefits), practised graphic design on Adobe packages and continues to do video production to continue on from his degree.