Jean Baptiste came to join us for a few weeks from France and would like to share his internship experience. Even though he hasn’t been here for very long he has found it extremely worthwhile.

“After finishing my Erasmus year at Swansea University, I thought about doing an internship here in Swansea. I wanted to gain experience and be confronted to the work in a company. This internship in Wolfestone completes the work I have been doing at the university, it has been the opportunity to apply my knowledge in a professional environment and to meet new people, which is enriching humanly, as well as for the studies. Moreover I’m planning to enter a translation school in Paris next year. I would like to thank all the Wolfestone team for having me.”
Our interns get a real insight into the world of translation. Students are given responsibilities including; translating and proofreading documents in their native languages, assisting project managers in the preparation of documents for translation, assisting in recruiting linguists and video editing. Students are able to work alongside experts in the translation industry who can guide and advise them along the way, aiming to give the student as much experience and knowledge as possible in the given time.

I recommend such an internship to all those who are willing to extend their knowledge of languages and office related skills as well as having an insight into the real world of work

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