State of the art network media players from China can be highly specified and in most respects, much better than anything you could have ever purchased for anywhere near the price on the general market in the UK. The only respect where it could fail is if it had a manual and features.

Their major outlets for this product is obviously in Europe and the USA; however, it’s manual and features would be a definite reason against buying this and potentially spending twice the amount on a properly translated version.

If they do not bother to translate it at all, not even into bad English then the product is useless. The menu on the device could also be defaulted to Chinese, but according to the sales blurb it could be possible to select English settings. The buttons on the remote control will also most likely be half Chinese and half English.

However, China produce excellent pieces of electronics which many people would be more than happy with, but if a company puts a little more thought into this then they may well receive more sales as a result of providing appropriate language translations.

With Chinese to English translation of the menus and some technical translation of the manual, it would have been a much more attractive product for the Western market. Good translation isn’t expensive compared to the sales benefits and good customer reviews a company can receive from catering well to other foreign markets.

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