Technical translation services can be difficult to secure but by their very nature, it is absolutely essential that all technical documents are translated perfectly from English to any other language.

Technical translations are tricky indeed, but you can always rest assured that at that our professional language translators will provide the most accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective technical translation services available.

We can easily provide technical translations for clients dealing with associates from France, Italy, Russia, China, Spain and many more territories. Therefore, if you need accurate technical translations for documents such as patents, architectural blueprints, consultation records, accident reports, user guides for products sold internationally, scientific papers, technical proposals, engineering specifications or health and safety materials, please trust us to completely satisfy all of your requirements.

We have carried out many translations for clients from a variety of sectors, including the electronics industry, the oil and gas offshore and marine industries, and the renewable energy sector.

Technical translation is a discipline in which exhaustive accuracy is absolutely essential and can make the difference between international business success and international corporate lawsuits.

Please leave all of your translations of a technical nature to the experts at

We are happy to offer advice on this service or any of our other amazing services including proofreading, elocution training, sign language, voiceovers, legal translation and interpreting.We also offer a range of free services online at our website which will prove of help in your operations.

Wolfestone’s language translators set the standard for a superb selection of premium interpretation and translation services which leave other competing firms in the shade.

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