Arabic translation services are demanded the world over and it is easy to see why.

Arabic, like Latin, has roots that go way back to ancient times. Unlike Latin, however, Arabic remains very much a living, breathing language. Arabic, in one form or another, is today spoken as a first language by over 280 million people worldwide.

There are three main formats of Arabic: Classical Arabic, which uses a wording and structure that echo precisely those found in fourth century inscriptions, and which still forms the literary and liturgical basis of Islam; Modern Standard Arabic which is used in the majority of written communications and in formal speech; and colloquial, or dialectal, Arabic, which has many local variations and is used in both everyday conversation and within popular film and television dialogues.

One of the main reasons why Arabic has remained prevalent throughout the ages is the enormous impact it enjoyed in the fields of science and other academic learning following the cultural spread of Islam from the 7th century onwards. Even today, many words used in the English language have their origins in Arabic:


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