French is one of the world’s most important languages.  It is the official languages of many important international organisations, such as the Red Cross, and France is the third largest Internet economy is Europe.  It is inevitable that, at some point, a multinational business will need some form of French translation.  English to French translation can be very difficult, and certain problem can arise, even with professional language translators.

French is a very descriptive, idiomatic language.  This makes translations very complicated.  Not only must the translator be able to translate the words, they also need to capture the style, format and cultural meaning of the original document.  Only a profession translator with specific knowledge and experience of the French language will be able to do this.

The French language also has numerous specific dialects.  This can also make translations very difficult and will require the specific knowledge of a native French speaker.  While ‘Parisian’ French is the most commonly spoken and widely understood, if you are targeting a document at a specific market, you made need some knowledge of the specific dialects to make sure that the document is culturally appropriate.

Certain situations may arise where your document may need to be read by speakers of French-Canadian.  Although the two languages are very similar, it will not suffice to only have the document translated into ‘Parisian’ French.  A professional language translator should be able to translate a document so that it will be understood by French-Canadian speakers, taking the subtle variations of the languages into account.


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