Language translation is the act of changing information from one language to another.  This information can either be written (documents, websites etc.) or spoken.  Because of the diversity of languages, translation can be broken down into various specialisms.  Technical translation is one of these specialisms.

Technical translation is the act of translating documents from a very specific technical field, such as medicine, computers or industry.  Since these subjects require the utmost of accuracy, technical translation requires not only knowledge of the language, but some understanding of the specialist field.  Since accuracy is essential to these projects, technical translation requires a native speaker to undertake the work.  Inaccurate translations could lead to very serious errors.

Technical translators will have some knowledge of the subjects they’re translating.  They will also need to undertake some research to ensure their understanding of the subject and the accuracy of their translation.  They may even talk to some professionals in the field.  Since languages do not translate word for word, a technical translator will have to use their knowledge to ensure their translation can be understood by other speakers of the language.

For a business operating in a specialist field, using a technical translation service is a must.  A technical translation agency will have a large team of technical translations, guaranteeing that your translations will be undertaken by a person with the correct and upmost knowledge and expertise.  They will work with a business along every stage of the language translation process, ensuring highly accurate, well written translations.

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