We listened to our client’s feedback and one of the things they wanted to learn more about is how to order professional translation services and what the actual process is.

We decided an infographic will be the best way to illustrate just that, so people can see what to expect when ordering a translation.


Do you have any questions for us? Or do you want to learn more about our technology and process? Just let us know in the comments below.


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by Nik Andreev

Nik is the content manager at Wolfestone. He blogs about social media and international digital marketing. He also likes graphics design and video editing. When not creating exciting content, he spend his time reading Sci-Fi and drinking coffee.

  • guest

    Proofreading – optional? I would rather say Essential!

    • admin

      Every translation we do is proofread. The optional independent proofreading is an added on service that some of our clients require when dealing with technical or industry specific translations.

    • Wolfestone

      Every translation we do is proofread. The independent proofreading is an optional service that some of our clients require when doing technical or industry specific translation.