Whilst my colleagues were team building in the lovely Welsh countryside (in very bad weather) I was in Helsinki in glorious sunshine having Finnish saunas and eating fine Finnish cuisine…..The weather in Finland was a lot better than I had expected, so much so that that the Ski jacket and jumpers I had taken with me were quickly hidden under the bed in embarrassment, as everyone was walking around in Summer clothes as the temperature reached 28 degrees, ‘’so much for the Snow and midnight sun I was stupidly expecting’’.

My trip began in a beautiful town called Porvoo . Porvoo is one of Finland’s oldest cities and, because of the picturesque old town, it is a very popular summer destination for international travellers. Everything was made out of wood and all of the houses looked like they belonged in The Doll’s House Emporium in Cardiff, much to my youngest daughters delight.

We attended the Race of Porvoo on the 15/16th August 2009 in the industrial area of Tarmola. The two-day motor racing event includes races in three different classes and also the Race of the Stars, where the world legends of the sport rival against each other in three different types of cars. This was great for me as I am a Top Gear fanatic and nearly died at seeing the likes of Mika Haakinen and Miko Hirvonen at the helms of their extremely fast cars!

Next Stop Helsinki and Suomenlinna – Helsinki is a modern city with over half a million residents and is situated on the Baltic Sea. In 2000 Helsinki was an official European City of Culture while celebrating its 450th anniversary.

Helsinki’s Island Fortress Suomenlinna was truly breathtaking, we witnessed an amazing open air concert whilst the sun set over Helsinki. Across the water, the city centre was host to Finland largest multi arts festival which runs every August; a total must for art lovers as the museums were overrun with amazing Art exhibits from the likes of Van Gogh to Picasso.

My trip ended with a weekend in the beautiful city of Tallinn, Estonia. The foundations of this city are apparently 4500 yrs old and was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to, I would definitely recommend a visit. The trip was highly enjoyable and in fact taught me a lot about Finnish and Swedish translation, also finding out that Swedish is in fact an official language of Finland totally fascinated me. Stay tuned folks Finland will shortly be featured as our country of the month and we will be offering a 10% discount on all translations.

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