Wolfestone, a multi-award winning, internationally renowned language translation service provider, showcase their new, innovative total translation technology, Synergy X.

Synergy X is set to save clients up to 30% in translation costs when they come on-board with Wolfestone, with delivery times also considerably reduced by as much as 50%. Wolfestone believe that Synergy X is a total translation solution, managing the workflow as well as Translation Memories, and is proven to outperform traditional systems whilst enabling substantial reductions in input time and translation costs.

Wolfestone will send clients analytical reports on how much money they have saved due to repetitions and Translation Memory matches, as a phrase only needs to be translated once using Synergy X for it to buy augmentin online uk remain in the company’s Translation Memory (TM) for reuse in the future; both cutting time and saving money.

This technology also allows multiple translators, proof-reviewers, and other linguistic resource staff to work on one project at the same time – utilising the same TM, glossary and terminology – which will increase the speed at which a project is completed as well as the overall quality and consistency offered by Wolfestone.

“As we build, develop and maintain the TM database for clients, savings in the region of 30% or more can start to be realised for subsequent projects when compared to traditional translation companies,” commented Anna Bastek, Director of Wolfestone. “With a new online tool enabling clients to log-in at will to check the status of their project, we are able to offer unparalleled transparency and higher quality results than ever, and we are very excited to see where Synergy X’s innovative technology will lead us in the future.”

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