Wolfestone, a multi-award winning, internationally renowned language translation service provider, have recently placed heavy investment in DTP training, including Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, to further enhance the high quality of their language translation services.

Wolfestone are experts in multilingual typesetting for all foreign languages, including those which incorporate exotic and right-to-left script formats. They provide print-ready PDFs for printers, so customers need not worry about foreign language fonts.

Unlike some professional translation companies, Wolfestone do their work in-house with support from their extensive DTP team across the globe. As a result, they can directly pass on the benefits to customers to save them time and money.

“We can manage the whole process for our customers, meaning they don’t need to have an in-house design team,” commented Anna Bastek, Wolfestone director. “We buy levitra at walmart will make sure their documents are ready for print, and we can also design interactive online brochures. As a result of this, we have won several large clients, who have been very impressed with our quality and timescales.”

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