People choose to start elocution lessons for many different reasons, to improve their job prospects or to just improve confidence on a day to day basis. Elocution lessons can improve anything from clarity of speech to accent removal. If your job involves public speaking then voice projection or use of grammar would be helpful. Any of these is available with Wolfestone elocution lessons.

The lessons that we have available are:

  • Elocution training for individuals and companies
  • Accent Softening
  • Voice Coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • and more

Speak with confidence and clarity

Our elocution trainers are highly experienced and will look at each case and your aims individually. These could be improving the image of your company, yourself or to improve your personal confidence on a social level. You can choose how you wish yourself or your company to learn. You can spend as little as 5 minutes a day to soften your accent and gain confidence!

Wolfestone’s elocution-package is tailor made to you and enables you to fit the training into a hectic schedule. Our bespoke voice coaching covers:

  • Initial one-to-one assessment
  • Consonant formation
  • Diction and articulation
  • Vocal quality
  • Vowel sounds
  • Accent Softening
  • A choice of audio CDs, DVDs and PC-based CDs to help you learn

Why choose Wolfestone?

Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers say:

“I would just like to give you some feedback from my experience with Andy, one of your company’s elocution trainers. I was very cautious and did not wish to part with my money in case I was not happy with the service, so I asked a lot of questions to begin with before making my decision to go ahead. I previously had one experience of elocution many years ago and found the tutor very unhelpful and critical, needless to say, I made no progress.

However, my experience with Andy has been very positive, he is patient, explains where the problems are without being destructive or critical. He builds my confidence with his praise. He is able to comment on the correct formation of the mouth, teeth and tongue with sounds which I have found difficult. He has made himself available by telephone whenever I have contacted him to ask for feedback regarding my speech.

I have made great progress and there is a marked difference in my speech. Both friends and strangers have made comments. He has been more than helpful and gone far beyond his obligatory duties. I would gladly recommend him and Wolfestone Elocution to anyone who was having problems with their speech.” Ellen

Other elocution Clients include the BBC, Rolls Royce and Orange.

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