French Translation Services UK

Are you in need of high quality French document translation services? As one of the UK’s leading translation agencies, Wolfestone can help.

French is actually the most popular language for our clients. We work extensively with the French language using the latest technology to guarantee a swift, accurate and high quality solution for all your French to English and English to French translation requirements. Over the past few years we completed more than 800 French translation projects.

french translation services

Why choose Wolfestone for your French translation services?

Working on French projects for long-term customers such as AXA and G4S, as well as many SMEs, is a testament to the quality of our French translators and service quality.

Our French speaking project manager is your point-of contact for all your French translation language requests. She can advise you on any cultural and language differences and help you to bring your French translation project off to a grandiose start. Our French translators are carefully vetted. We have a strict and rigorous selection process in place, which is run by our native French Vendor Coordinator.

french translation services

Whether you’re a small business looking to expand internationally, or a large corporate looking to communicate your new policies and procedures across your global workforce, Wolfestone prides itself on a customer oriented focus and high quality, consistent results. Our French translation services is here to help you avoid any communication faux pas.

french translation services

About France

France has a total population of around 67 million people and it is the third largest country in Europe.

The French economy is among the strongest in the world in the automotive, aerospace and railways sectors, as well as in, cosmetics, luxury goods, insurance, pharmaceutical, telecoms, power generation, defence, agriculture and hospitality.

The French language is an official language in 29 countries. For example, it is spoken in parts of Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and Monaco. In Africa, French is also spoken in Gabon, Mauritius, Algeria, Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire. It is forecasted that  by 2025 500 million people will speak the language worldwide. And by 2050, 600 million (7% of the world’s population) will speak French.