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Moldavian Translation Services

Are you looking for a language services provider for your Moldavian translation needs? Wolfestone has the experience and quality you’d expect from a company that chairs its trade body.

Wolfestone have a lot of experience translating documents, recording voiceovers and providing interpreters from English into Moldavian and Moldavian into English, for a variety of sectors.

All our Moldavian speaking translators and interpreters are carefully vetted, have at least four years experience in translation and where relevant, have sector specific academic qualifications.

Why choose Wolfestone?

Wolfestone regularly undertakes Moldavian translation, Moldavian interpreting and Moldavian voiceover projects.  Clients choose Wolfestone because of the quality and service, and many of our clients have been our partners for many years.

With experience in Moldavian document translation, Moldavian interpreting, Moldavian voiceovers and Moldavian localisation, Wolfestone is well placed to help you achieve your communication objectives.

About Moldavia

The population of Moldavia is approximately  9, 700, 000.

Moldavia is a historical region and former principality in Eastern Europe, corresponding to the territory between the Eastern Carpathians and Dniester river. The western part of Moldavia is now part of Romania and the eastern par belongs to the Republic of Moldova, while the northern and south-eastern parts are territories of Ukraine.

Moldavian is the official name of the Romanian language in the Republic of Moldova.

Moldavia’s economy is recognised as an upper-middle income country economy. Since 2000 Romania has attracted increasing amounts of foreign investment, becoming the single largest investment destination in South-eastern and Central Europe.