Polish Translation Services

If you’re looking for a language company to handle your Polish translation, we can help get your message across to your target market home and abroad.

Approximately 50 million people speak Polish, and Poland is the sixth largest economy in the EU.  It is considered a high-income economy, and demand for UK goods and services is growing.

Wolfestone have a lot of experience translating documents, recording voiceovers and providing interpreters.  These services help companies that are looking to expand into the exciting Polish market.

Beyond translation, Wolfestone are able to offer services such as DTP to help keep your brochures looking as beautiful as they did in English.  We also offer SEO to maximise new business enquiries.

In addition to those living in Poland, 10 million Polish people live abroad.  There are large Polish communities in the United Kingdom and the United States.  This has driven the need for organisations in the UK and US to provide their information bilingually.

With an in-house team of Polish linguists, Wolfestone is well placed to manage your legal document, marketing material and general Polish translation services needs.

Polish Translation Services depicted by a picture of Warsaw

Why choose Wolfestone for Polish Translation Services?

Wolfestone co-founder Anna Bastek has a profound knowledge of the Polish market, as a Polish native.  She is joined by a professional team of Polish linguists.  They are at hand to ensure your projects are handled to a high standard, and the messages work for the new target market.

Our experience includes translating slogans for branding work, to legal documents for local authorities.  We also undertake general Polish translation such as websites and letters.  Our database of Polish translators includes all these specialist areas.

About Poland

The population of Poland is 38, 248, 068.

Polish is part of the Lechitic subgroup of West Slavic Languages used throughout Poland and Polish minorities in other countries.

Poland’s economy is a high income economy and is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.