Spanish Translation Services

Are you looking for a Spanish translation services partner? Wolfestone has the quality and experience you’d expect from a company that translates more than 1 million Spanish words per year.

In 2012, Spain was the UK’s largest export market and with 47 million Spanish people it is also one of the biggest consumer markets in the EU. Looking further ahead, the Spanish speaking Latin America also offers great business opportunities. Wolfestone is here to break down language barriers and help UK businesses win Spanish business through professional Spanish translation services. We work with private and public bodies on Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations.

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Why choose Wolfestone as your Spanish translation services provider?

Wolfestone is well placed to help you achieve your communication objectives. Our account managers are experts and can advise you on the varieties of Spanish dialects and explain to you the differences between European Spanish and South American Spanish. They will help you to choose your right target audience and make sure that your translation is ready for your client base in Europe or South America.

Wolfestone also provides a broadcast-quality voiceover service which targets audience needs. For every project clients are given the option to choose from more than 70 unique voiceover samples. Only recently we recorded a Spanish children’s dialogue for one of our clients.

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All our Spanish speaking linguists are carefully vetted with at least 4 years’ experience. We only work with native speakers on your Spanish language projects. Another benefit of using us as your Spanish translation services provider is our sector specific commitment. This means that for a medical document we only work with translators who hold both a professional translation and a medical qualification. And if you require a medical interpreter for your hospital appointment or pharmaceutical conference, we’re also here to help.

About the Spanish language

Worldwide, there are around 414 million Spanish native speakers. This puts the language in second place after Mandarin as widely spoken native language. Spanish is a romance language that originated in the Spanish region of Castile. It is an official language of the United Nations and the European Union. Arabic and Latin are the two languages which have had the biggest influence on Spanish. In total, Spanish is the most widely understood language in the Western hemisphere and more people now study Spanish than French.