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Medical Translation Services

Medical translations require accuracy, background knowledge and sector specialism. Without professional medical translation companies are at risk from poor public relations, injuries due to inaccurate information or lives could be put at risk. Our medical translation services are carried out by experienced translation experts with background knowledge in medical sectors and at least four years of relevant translation experience.

Whether you are looking for medical device manual translation, labelling and packaging translation or more general medical translation, Wolfestone can help.  We have a wealth of experience translating medical documents for a range of clients from the NHS to Unilever.

We also work with many top medical firms on brochure translations, information leaflet translations and website translations, to ensure they reach as wide an audience as possible.

Medical Translation Services

Your Medical Translation Services Specialist

We understand that when it comes to medical translation, accuracy and attention to detail are of key importance.  When it comes to translating documents that are as important as manuals and packaging, or as potentially lucrative as brochures and websites, it is essential to use a professional service to ensure accurate and high standard results.

We have a large team of medical translators, each with their own area of specialism, to ensure quality and standards.  Our translators all have at least 4 years of sector specific translation experience and industry relevant qualifications.