Translation Pricing and Rates

We understand that a simple translation pricing model is an important factor when choosing a translation company. Our translation prices are very competitive and easy to follow. And, as well as affordable translation prices, we offer strong customer support, a friendly service and efficient turnaround, all built into our translation pricing.

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Translation pricing and rates depicted by a pound note and a calculator

How do you calculate the quote?

The majority of quotes are calculated on word count, document technicality and urgency. When it comes to certificates, the quote is calculated on the amount of pages and whether you need a sworn translator or notarisation.

If you can email us with the exact number of words in your document we can give you a guaranteed price for your work. Alternatively if you e-mail or fax your document to us in the first instance we can word count it for you and give you a quote. We strive to give you the best deal possible, so the higher the word count the lower the translation pricing per word.

Does my translation pricing increase for urgent translations?

We charge a small surcharge for urgent translations. The nature of the projects lead to additional pressure for our team along with – in most cases – longer working hours. For a quote regarding your urgent translation, or indeed any other translation, please contact Wolfestone by phone on 01792 824986 or by e-mail

I have a document with many repetitions. Can I have a discount?

We will give you a discount based on the amount of repetitions throughout the document. Please send us the document in an editable format so we can analyse the document. Our report will than tell us how many matches there are. Exact matches we discount between 30% to 50%.

What do I need to consider when outsourcing translation work and getting quotes?

Ask a translation agency how it selects its translators, and what qualifications and experience their translators have. Also ask the organisation how it ensures the quality of its translation. Often, an extremely cheap translation is cheap for a reason.
The other things to take into account when looking at translation pricing are that the translators should be native speakers of the target language, and that all translation costs should include the work being proofread by a second proof-reader. Sometimes you may be offered cheap translation work because these things are not guaranteed.

Get quotes for translation costs from several different agencies, and compare the translation prices of a few different agencies. And remember, translation prices should not be your only consideration when making your decision. Consider quality and reputation as well as translation pricing.