How do you contribute to the business?

With over 10 years’ experience in the translation industry I’m bringing on-board tested solutions, know-how and practical knowledge of IT technologies to the business.  I’ve worked on different projects from delivering and developing new business and e-commerce solutions through to multilingual desktop publishing, as well as managing and leading technical and linguistic departments. Always hungry for knowledge and thriving through learning and developing new skills every day, I’m able to push for change and deliver a sense of stability and certainty at the same time.

How do you contribute to the customer experience?

Operational team members always need to remember that they are directly responsible for delivering quality to their customers. Operations are the ones who have to find a way to produce high-quality output within a given time-frame.  I’ve processed millions of pages of documents in different languages during my career, and this wouldn’t have been possible without close communication links with the client before and during the workflow. By explaining translation requirements I help clients to improve the way they create a document. Following some basic guidelines saves a significant amount of time and money, and my aim is to stay as added value in a client’s company.

What drew you to the company?

I love challenging, dynamic, constantly changing and evolving environments. This is what attracted me to the translation industry and to Wolfestone in particular. Wolfestone is an extremely fast growing and continuously evolving company with ambitious leaders but also with ambitious employees. Such combinations create a really dynamic environment where we are all focused on delivering top quality products to our clients by constantly improving ourselves.