Every project we undertake at Wolfestone is human delivered but is supported by our very best linguistic technology, Synergy X. Synergy X ensures that our customers receive a high-quality service at a price that suits their budget.

Synergy X, exclusive Wolfestone translation technology

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The Synergy X Translation Management System is Wolfestone’s state of the art tool, helping our clients to make real savings on their translations. The system manages all aspects of the translation process, from providing a quote, through to project and vendor management and invoicing. The system’s production modules use two types of CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools, and sophisticated AI Translation engines allow multiple translators and reviewers to work on the same file simultaneously, shortening turnaround times significantly. Plus, all this is carried out on dedicated servers, delivering high-performance with incredible processing power.


  • Cloud-based platform: connects customers’ projects with the most suitable resources from any location, anywhere in the world, in a cloud-based online platform.
  • Cost savings: the integrated system manages all processes, from quoting through to project and vendor management and invoicing.
  • Quick turnaround: the system’s production modules use two types of CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools and sophisticated AI Translation engines to allow multiple translators and reviewers to work on the same file simultaneously, shortening turnaround times significantly.
  • Security: state of the art web technology with end-to-end TLS 1.2 secure encryption

Our Synergy X CAT tools are web-based and accessible from any internet browser, anywhere in the world, enabling us to leverage the best linguistic talent from around the planet and to take advantage of global time-zones to decrease project turnaround times. With Synergy X, everything is centralised and carefully controlled, meaning everyone involved in a project can work on concurrent simultaneous processes. Enhanced content and contextual matching features lead to significant savings for clients who regularly require translation services by reducing the amount of translation that is required – translate a phrase once and it’s in our Translation Memories for future use!

We’ve recently extended our production module by adding a revolutionary CAT tool. It’s based on adaptive AI translation technology and will greatly benefit our customers requiring extra-urgent projects. Highly sophisticated linguistic algorithms make translation suggestions, allowing translators to either use the suggestion, modify or reject it. The system will learn and adjust in real time. This type of real-time cooperation between human translators and the CAT tool allows translators to finish a project on average three times faster. This can even increase to over eight times faster once the client has built up a bank of translated keywords and phrases.


  • Easy access: single online platform with easy access from any internet browser.
  • Cost savings: build a customised translation word bank and experience cost reductions over time.
  • Consistency and continuity: projects can be translated, reviewed and quality checked simultaneously during the project life cycle, reducing project timescales and reducing costs.
  • Perfect matching: for text that has not changed between updates, we guarantee that exactly the same target language translation may be used.
  • Adaptation: our adaptive machine translation system will learn in real time and adjust to customer’s specific terminology and language style

At Wolfestone, we have a bespoke statistical AI Translation system which can translate 25,000 words per day – even more if it is all in a single document. Our sophisticated Synergy X Machine Translation technology can be used on generic engines for ad hoc projects or could be individualised for each client, allowing our clients to build up a bank of personalised translations in a secure network. Another great cost- and time-saver!


  • High volume: translate 25,000 words per day
  • Quick turnaround: translate content quickly to get an understanding of information in another language
  • Cost savings: build a customised translation bank and experience cost reductions over time

Bespoke service levels: Choose from 4 different service levels to accommodate your needs, budget and the required final quality.

Find out more about our AI Translation service.

Our Synergy X CMS Connector removes the stress of website translation for our clients. The software connects with WordPress or Drupal type CMS systems and guarantees a hassle-free website translation. Simply allow our software to connect with your system and we do the rest; we can even connect it up for you if your developer hasn’t got any free time.


  • Quick turnaround: no copy and pasting of existing content into spreadsheets and no formatting significantly reduces the time spent on website translation
  • Savings: all our clients benefit from our existing savings tools such as our loyalty packages and advanced translation tools
  • Additional review cycle: purchase our post-translation review package to have all your formatting and link-building checked

We are continuously working on new developments to keep us at the leading edge of translation technology. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how you could benefit from our translation technology.

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With great technology, comes great security responsibility.

Where your data is stored should also be taken into consideration when starting a partnership with an LSP. Here at Wolfestone, we guarantee you the highest possible level of security for your documents. Below are some answers to frequently asked security questions.

Is the Synergy X system encrypted?
Yes. The Synergy X web interface is encrypted with SHA-256 SSL certificate. All requests are sent over the HTTPS protocol to ensure security.
Do the documents ever leave our system?
Sometimes we may need to transfer documents to external systems. However, the access is limited to authorised and trusted parties only, such as our IT support company and our translators. File transfer is always secured either by SHA-256 SSL certificate if we are using web interface or TLS encryption when using Exchange.
Is the server secured, both physically and by firewall?
Yes. The servers are stored on-premise at the Wolfestone Head Office and are protected by a Checkpoint UTM (Unified Threat Management) system which identifies threats and stops them from accessing the network.
What level datacentre?
All the data is stored on-premise at Wolfestone’s Head Office. No third-party datacenters are used.