What is Translation Memory?

A translation memory consists of several computer files that contain pairs of segments (source and target). Each pair is tagged with information on subject, client, user, project ID, and date/time stamp.

The information in a translation memory is multilingual because it can contain an unlimited number of target languages.

A translation memory receives the segment pairs whilst translating a project with a CAT tool. It is also possible to add pairs by importing them from external databases (Excel, Access, text, TMX, Trados Workbench, etc.) and by aligning separate source and target files.

We also believe it is important to ensure we use terminology which is commonly used by our clients or the industry standard, and can therefore be used in a consistent manner throughout a project. This is why CAT tools and especially Synergy X are so important. By using terminology databases, we are able to develop what is essentially a large glossary catered to our clients’ requests, which can be expanded and developed in time.

A terminology database consists of a computer file that contains pairs of terms or short expressions (source and target) which we have added. Each pair is associated by default with grammatical information, a definition field for each language, and information on subject, client, and date/time stamp. The associated information is freely configurable.

translation-memoryThe information in a terminology database is multilingual because it can contain an unlimited number of target languages.

A terminology database receives term pairs the translator sends to it whilst translating a project with a CAT tool. It is also possible to add pairs by importing them from external databases (Excel, Access, text, etc.). Therefore, we would easily be able to integrate your glossaries for each subject and work this into our translation and ensure the terminology used suits your needs and requirements precisely.

Synergy X is web based and accessible from any internet browser, anywhere in the world, enabling us to leverage the best linguistic talent from around the planet and to take advantage of global time-zones to decrease project turnaround time. With Synergy X everything is centralised and carefully controlled, meaning everyone involved in a project can work on concurrent simultaneous processes. Enhanced content and contextual matching features mean that Synergy X saves money for clients who regularly require translation services by reducing the amount of translation that is required – translate a phrase once and it is in our TM for reuse in the future! Another great cost and time saving!

So how much can you save?

Basically the savings increase with every new project undertaken with Synergy X. While we build, develop and maintain the TM database for you, with every new project savings in the region of 30% or more can begin to be realised compared to traditional translation companies!

So what powerful features save you money?

  • Increased speed: multiple translators, proof-reviewers, and other linguistic resources can work on the project at the same time, utilising the same TM, glossary and terminology. This not only increases the speed of the project but also the consistency and quality.
  • 24/7/365 online access to project files, data and resources enables us to leverage the best linguistic talent and time savings from around the globe.
  • Consistency and continuity improvements as projects can be translated, reviewed and quality checked simultaneously during the project life cycle, reducing project timescales and reducing costs that arise from fixing mistakes that arise in traditional translation environments.
  • Vastly enhanced matching technology means that we not only match from TM’s but also from internal resources. Translate a sentence once, not time and time again!
  • Translation Memory, glossary and terminology storage, update, development and maintenance all in one secure location with multiple secure local and offsite backups.
  • We can plug the Synergy X translation tools directly into your website content management system for automatic content updates and translation – you update your site, we know when to update the translation!

Synergy X is also a revolutionary new approach to the problem of how to store and use translation memory(TM). At the heart of Synergy X is the XTM Engine. This module controls the centralised TM and automates many of the traditional processes involved in using it. It outperforms traditional translation memory systems, enabling substantial reductions in throughput time and translation cost.

Synergy X will securely store your TM’s and automatically update them to reduce future project costs.

Perfect Matching® – reducing translation costs

We can guarantee that, for text that has not changed between updates, exactly the same target language translation may be used. This means that part of the translation does not need to be reviewed by a translator. This is an important distinction compared with traditional translation agencies.

All the necessary data is prepared for the translators

All the necessary data including leveraged, fuzzy matched and terminology data is extracted and put into a special ‘package’ ready for translation. Translation, review and publishing can all be undertaken from one interface, substantially reducing turnaround times. There are no middlemen to slow down the process and add to costs. All word counts are automatically produced as part of the process.

The highlights?

  • Single online platform
  • TM storage, update, development, maintenance and automatic application
  • Easy access to all data
  • Terminology management
  • Glossary management
  • CMS plugin
  • Quality checking built in
  • Progress reports
  • Speed up workflow
  • Leverage our enhanced matching technology
  • Outperforms traditional translation memory systems
  • Notifications of multilingual website updates
  • Total Translation Technology!!!