I’ve really enjoyed my 3 weeks here at Wolfestone Translation here in Swansea. The work experience has been invaluable for many reasons. Firstly, it’s truly superb being able to get back to the work environment after a long illness. Secondly, I’ve been able to use the skills that I’ve acquired and which I specialise in; namely being able to use my French Degree from Bangor University, and my Masters in translation with language technology (although I did not finish that course). Besides, the experience undoubtedly improved my French, after not having used it for a long time. Unfortunately Wolfestone did not give me time to use my knowledge of translation software like Trados and déjà vu. I would have liked to have been able to refresh my knowledge of translation software and apply it to the workplace.

The social aspect is significant as well. Everybody has been very kind and understanding. It’s nice to have a routine and having to get up early to face a day of work and catching the train. I also enjoyed the administrative side . As regards the actual translations and computer work, I found it very challenging, especially the medical translations, and coping with jargon and administrative French. The resources for translating in Wolfestone are very useful, and I used the internet quite a lot for my research into what different medical terms mean. I coped quite well with the computer side of things. The ECDL I acquired a couple of years back was of use.

Moreover my experience here with Wolfestone has given me a direction for the future. I would like to become a freelance translator, translating from French to English. And maybe even translate from French to Welsh if the opportunity arises, as Welsh is my first language. Remploy have been very helpful in securing this work placement for me.

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