I have begun my internship at Wolfestone Translation in January. It was easy to find because the team is very open-minded and easily accepts to welcome students in their company.

The working-day starts at 9.30, it is not too early, another brownie point. Shiona, the marketing assistant, often makes us tea, or coffee if you prefer. I am studiyng english and spanish in the Swansea university, within an Erasmus exchange. In fact , i am French. So my first work is to translate document from English to French. So when a translation must be done, i take all the morning to do it. Wolfestone Translation is a very professionnal company so when i translate, i must be sure of my translation. I do it directly on the computer because once completed, the translation is sent to one of the directors, Roy, who then sends my work to another translator for proof-reading. While i am doing the translation, Shiona and now Lucy, a new employee, send quotes to potential clients and do a lot of marketing. I am not the only intern working for the company, two German girls, Mandy and Jessica, are there for 3 months. The office has a very European face with Welsh, Scottish, French, German and Polish (Anna, the other director is Polish) people! It is a multicultural office.

Theoretically, we have 30 minutes to eat. During this time, we often go outside to take the fresh air, or the wet air, because the weather is very changeable here, we never know. In the afternoon, if there is no translation in French to complete, i help Shiona or the other interns. These days i worked a lot on a new service that the company wants to launch: elocution training. I spent an afternoon to do some marketing work to promote a new service. It was a tedious work but the result has been quite good in my opinion: 8 people asked for a quote the next day. Thus i share my time between translations, when there are some, and marketing work or research on the web. And the tea breaks!

We finnish work at 5.30. Every 2 weeks, approximately, we have meetings with the two directors, to evaluate the situation and to share the task that must have to do.

The ambiance in the office is very relaxed but stays professionnal. For interns, it’s the best place to make an internship because the employees take time to show you how they work and what they want you to do. But on the other hand, the students can easily adopt this relaxed way of work but in most of enterprises it is far to be as friendly!

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