Stan Lee, Marvel, and their global impact

Stan Lee, the mastermind behind the hugely popular Marvel comic book franchise has passed away at the age of 95. He leaves behind an extraordinary legacy and will be remembered as one of the finest story creators of a generation. We explore his Marvel comic books and the impact the franchise has had on the world.

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Cartoon image of Stan Lee in Spider-Man outfit holding a sign which reads "The Real Spider-Man!"

Anna’s Column: How we can learn to face up to our fears

Fear is an absolutely natural part of life. It’s what makes us individual and helps to guide our choices. But sometimes fear can be holding back from realising our true potential. In this column, Anna discusses some of her biggest fears and methods she’s adopted to overcome them.

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Anna’s Column: How mobile phones affect our brains

Mobile phones have become a staple of modern life. Most people find it difficult to be without their phone for a moment, let alone live without one. What impact is this reliance on technology having on our health?

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Getting Started with eLearning Localization

The development of new technologies – mobile phones, tablets, increased access to the internet – has meant that learners are no longer restricted by their physical location, but catering to their language needs with eLearning localization is recommended to see best results, globally.

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An Assessment of the UK’s Relationship with Foreign Languages

‘But everyone speaks English anyway?’ is a common attitude in the UK nowadays, which isn’t surprising in a country that is notorious for struggling with learning new languages. However, with 70% of the world’s population unable to speak English, it seems that the UK could potentially miss out on important opportunities by not learning any foreign languages.

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An Assessment of the UK's Relationship with Foreign Languages