How to be Happy – International Happiness Day

Our latest blog features a guest interview with Joy Ogeh-Hutfield, transformation coach and speaker. She’s sharing her top tips to be more happy, just by making small changes to your life!

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sunflowers on happiness day

Finance Manager Goes Viral

Wolfestone’s Finance Manager appears in a video that went viral. Find out what all the buzz is about!

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Christmas Jumper Day

This month we’re celebrating another successful year in the build up to Christmas.

With that in mind, our staff dressed up in Christmassy outfits.

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Wolfestone Celebrates Translation Day

International Translation Day takes place on the 30th of September.

Staff at Wolfestone are celebrating by learning new languages. Our staff members will be learning 50 new words in a language they don’t yet speak, as a commitment to starting the 1,000 words campaign launched this week.

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