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‘Translation is about more than just taking words from one language into another.’

Before I started my internship with Wolfestone, I was nervous, worried and excited. I didn’t have any practical working experience of marketing, or know much about the company. I was looking forward to applying my skills and knowledge gained from my marketing degree at Swansea University and contributing to the company.

I felt lucky and thankful – the staff at Wolfestone turned out to be extraordinarily friendly, the staff in the Marketing department and especially my manager, Natalie Moyce. They were willing to help, encourage, support and to provide opportunities for me to learn. During my time here, I generated marketing related skills – researching, assisting with updating social media, creating email campaigns and writing blogs with different marketing tools.

Wolfestone are passionate about translation services. The company is definitely more than taking words from one language into another. They provided great opportunities and an excellent diverse environment for people with an interest in translation services, no matter what language they speak or where are they from. I met other interns from Germany, Italy, France and staff from Spain and other countries. I felt that Wolfestone really respects and appreciates people with different nationalities.

You never know what the future will bring you. Before I started my internship, I had zero confidence about being in the workplace, as well as communicating and building relationships with others. However, thanks to Wolfestone, they gave me an invaluable learning and working experience and it has changed me. I feel ready to work!

So a big thanks to Wolfestone again, for the experience and support – for the opportunity to be an intern. I highly recommended others start an internship, work, or choose translation services from Wolfestone!

I’ve been told you are interested in being the next Marketing intern, contact the Wolfestone Marketing Manager natalie.moyce@wolfestone.co.uk.

Written by Yee Lam (Leanne) Leung

by Wolfestone Admin

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