With more non-natives than ever residing in our fair land, it’s no wonder the need for top quality international schools and tuition services is on the up. We’re happy to announce further Wolfestone involvement in many of these ventures on both large and small scales. We currently enjoy partnerships with both UK international schools and those located abroad but operating primarily with English as the target first language.

Our comprehensive professional translation services make us the ideal partner for scores of multilingual educational establishments up and down the UK; for example, providing professional translation of reading material from English to Arabic, straightforward Spanish translation for correspondence and so on.

Our services also partner perfectly with multilingual branches of smaller educational institutions, e.g. the Russian department of a university etc.

Only after a simple Spanish translation to communicate with prospective visiting students? Our great translation rates mean every place of learning can afford first rate translation and interpretation.

Let’s take the example of Spanish translation again. We don’t just use translators who are verbally fluent, but also grammatically skilled to a high degree to produce excellent, accurate educational material. Our Spanish translators could reel-off a list of top non-native Spanish speaker errors in no time! Every translator we count on our books doesn’t just speak a particular language, they understand its core.

Keeping the channels of communication open is what we’re all about, and when those channels facilitate education and learning, we’re 100% on board!


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