By Liz Estall

January is known as a slow month for business.

The January Blues

January can make us all feel a bit glum…

People were paid early in December, overspent, overindulged and consequently spend the entirety of January counting the pennies. This is a necessary measure for the consumer but can be devastating for businesses.

Add to that the fact that this year seems particularly anti-climatic in comparison to an action packed 2012, it could be difficult to get excited this January.

We celebrated the Queen’s diamond jubilee, were absorbed in the European Championships and gripped by the Olympics and Paralympics. 2012 was a great year.

So, during an arguably uninspiring and bleak January it begs the question, how can we beat the January blues?

After hunting around the web for inspiring ideas here are some of our favourites:

1.       Launch new products and services

Some products and services are bound to thrive in January e.g. gym memberships, health and beauty products.

For example, Heinz is launching a new range of baked beans which are being positioned as ‘Beanz for Grown Upz’ as they are a blend of five different healthy beans.  They have even changed the usual brand colours for this product to make them stand out.


2.       Marketing promotions

It might be a good idea to reward your existing and new customers with a bargain in January.

For example, Bulgarian mobile phone network Vivacom offers an 80% discount of all brands of phones throughout their stores in January.


3.       Plan, organise, clear out…

Smiling Rhino

Get that smile back on your face with our top January tips

This might be a bit of a chore but it might be a good idea to sort out all those daunting tasks that you’re too busy to think of all year. You might just stumble upon some interesting findings.

If you do a thorough stock take you may discover products that just aren’t selling. Is it worth re-ordering these? Or maybe having a product line re-think? This could lead back into tip one. Is it time for brand new exciting products?

Here is a helpful article on tackling admin during a business slowdown. (

How does your business cope during dry spells? Is January a good month for your business?  We’d love to know…

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