From 2006 to 2009 I studied International Business Administration in Germany and during that time I did two internships at Wolfestone Translation. The first internship started in January 2008 when I spent 3 months in Wales. During that time I learned a lot about Marketing, translating and how to run a company. I felt very comfortable in the company and made a lot of new friends. After leaving Wolfestone and Wales in March, I missed it so much that I decided to come back for a second internship by the end of 2008. In the meantime the company had grown a lot bigger and it was interesting for me to see how things had developed in such a short time. There were a lot of new projects and a lot of interesting tasks to do. The second internship gave me so much confidence that when I left in December I knew I would come back after finishing uni.

It’s hard for me to describe what it is that connects me to Wales. I just feel at home here and I feel comfortable in Wolfestone. In Germany I always had the desire to go somewhere else and do something else. I don’t have this desire when I am in Wales so I guess it’s the place where I have to be. Of course I had doubts. In fact I was sceptical until the moment I left the train in Swansea. The hardest parts in moving to another country are leaving your friends and family behind and start a new life on your own knowing that now, mum and dad are not there to help you anymore. But the fact that I met a very special person in Wales made the decision easier and it gave me a little peace of mind since I knew I wouldn’t be completely on my own.

I left Germany for good in July 2009 and started working for Wolfestone. After one week working as a marketing assistant I don’t regret my decision to leave Germany for good and start a new life in Wales. I am very happy to be a part of this company now and I am looking forward to see where it will be going in the future.

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