I graduated in July 2011 with a 2.1 in German and Politics from Swansea University. Since my graduation I’ve been working as a residential carer for the elderly in a local home alongside giving private German lessons and completing an online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification. I am also active in the local community; I’m a management committee member for Swansea Women’s Centre and a volunteer for Women4Resources, a charity dedicated to the relief of financial hardship faced by women in Wales and in Africa.

So, when the opportunity arose to take part in an internship with Wolfestone, I knew I couldn’t let it pass by. I desperately wanted to put my language skills to good use again. I was initially a little nervous before commencing my internship, as I had been out of education for nearly a year. I had wondered if my language skills were still up to scratch!
Lucky for me, I am an avid Germanophile; I read German books, watch German films, and listen to all things German. I didn’t feel too out of the loop.

Of course, my initial fears were unfounded. The staff at Wolfestone are friendly and supportive, and my colleagues in the German office, Silke, Janina and Katharina, are extremely helpful. I didn’t feel like I’d been plunged into the deep end too much; but personally, I sometimes prefer the baptism of fire approach. I am really enjoying the varied challenges that translation offers and I feel satisfied knowing that despite how difficult a text may be, I’ve tried my best. It’s all valuable experience.

I feel lucky to be a part of a supportive learning environment and I feel that the skills that I learn from Wolfestone will be integral to future learning/career opportunities. I hope to take an MA in Literary Translation in 2013.

I hope to move to Germany in the future; I like to think that the internship with Wolfestone will provide me with some of the transferable skills that will allow that to happen.

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