Today’s world moves at a breakneck pace. Everyone seems to want everything as fast as they can possibly get it, and our clients report they are continually having less and less time to meet deadlines.

translation fastWe still maintain that the longer you give us, the better the quality, because we have more time to discuss changes, run the most thorough Quality Assurance checks, and make sure your project is a perfect as it can be.  If you spent three months working on marketing copy, you’d want us to spend time getting it right too.  However we know that timescales are important, and since we started the business, we’ve always looked for ways to improve them.

Part of the reason we’ve grown so fast is because of our investment in technology, which means that timescales are slashed.  We’ve developed an in-house technology system called Synergy X, which allows translators, proofreaders and editors to collaborate on the same document at the same time.  Rather than waiting for documents to be sent back and forth, everyone works together, supporting each other to get results more quickly.

There are other benefits too.  Often the proofreader and translator can live chat about changes while both logged into our Synergy X translation system, meaning better results for our clients, and more consistency.

But we know we’re not done yet.  In 2014 we’re committed to continuing our improvements in this area.  Here are three ways we can help you manage your deadlines:

  • In CMS translation – we can plug into your CMS or software, and whenever you make changes, the system informs us, and we do the translation.  That means less headache for you, fewer emails, and quicker translations
  • Translation Memory – that means that if you regularly use certain key phrases or words, our system automatically stores these and suggests them for re-use.  It’s still entirely human translation, our translator carefully considers whether the word is the best for that particular sentence or context, but the use of Translation Memory means we can improve consistency and the speed with which we can deliver our work back
  • Internal team focused on global timezones – We’ve grown our team of project managers, and this includes project managers who cover global time zones.  These improvements, coupled with our investments in training, mean we can be more responsive, efficient and achieve our main objective – your satisfaction


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