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By Araks-Naomi Zainali who recently completed an internship at Wolfestone.  

During a double-dip recession, the age-old dilemma of choosing a career is unsurprisingly magnified. Perhaps you number among the many students who, at the close of spring, will be thrust from the safe haven of university with little idea of where to go or what to do.

Well how clued-up are you on marketing? The driving force of this profession, closely related to advertising and PR, is to raise the public profile of a product or service. The activities of the marketing executive encompass, but are not limited to, forging relationships with potential clients via networking and social media, constructing press releases and arranging the production of promotional materials such as flyers, leaflets and newsletters. Creative, analytical and communication skills are all tapped into and maximized.

A multitude of marketing qualifications are now offered by the higher education sector but, as with many industries, a practical grounding far surpasses academic understanding when it comes to the dreaded job application.

At Wolfestone Translation, marketing interns are assigned a mentor who entrusts you with projects and provides you with constructive feedback throughout the duration of the placement (typically 3 months). Tasks are various and will bolster your employability. Press releases and blogs, whether posted on a website or published in a newspaper/magazine, will prove a glowing addition to your CV and/or Linkedin account.

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Frequent use of Twitter and Facebook will give you a level of familiarity with social media that is beyond valuable in the digital age. You will proofread and upload webpages, mastering commonplace programs like WordPress, and sharpen your research abilities through writing reports on forthcoming business partners.

You may emerge from the internship with a clear idea of what career you’d like to pursue; or you may not. But either way, you’ll be equipped with a set of skills readily transferable to a legion of jobs and a CV that is instantly more marketable!

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