My second week at Wolfestone has just begun. I am working here as part of my Leonardo exchange, after a two-week language course. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Language but I have never done any serious experience abroad or studied a language outside my country (Italy), that’s why I really wanted to go to the UK to improve my knowledge of the English language while, at the same time, I still wanted to find a job related to my university studies. Wolfestone actually allows me to do that. Till now I have done many translations from English into Italian but also one from Italian into English and one from French into English. I don’t have any previous experience in translation as I have just graduated, so I am really grateful that Wolfestone gives me the possibility to do real translations that are later revised and sent to the clients. If they don’t have any request for the languages I work with I translate old documents that I later compare with the original translations. It is very interesting to learn translating different kinds of documents and specific terminology: the kinds of texts that I deal with are birth and marriage certificates and websites of any kind. Right now Wolfestone is also looking for interpreters so I have also done a little research on the web to enrich the database.

The atmosphere at work is very relaxed; they are all very helpful and friendly, offering tea, coffee and chocolates. It is also nice to be surrounded by people from different nationalities and to see that trainees are very welcome. In the end I hope that this experience would be very useful for my professional career.

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