Well, here I am. Only one week after terminating my MA in Translation with Language Technology, I already have my first language-related job. Well, sort of. Even before I did my MA, I did do sporadic translation work for people, and even interpreting on one occasion in the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. However, this is my first language-related office job, let’s just say. I found out about the six-week internship from one of my former university lecturers, and was very quickly offered an interview and then the internship itself!

It has been a pretty easy-going atmosphere, but still very productive. Most of my translations have been from Spanish into English, though I have done little snippets from French as well. A very high number of the former type has been marriage certificates, especially from Mexico. Until now, I had never quite grasped just how many people nowadays go abroad to get married, with Cancun and other nearby resorts being particularly popular. I also translated a nationality certificate and a birth certificate too. Furthermore, I have spent a lot of time adding to the company’s database of interpreters, scouring numerous websites and sending lots of e-mails to prospective ones. By and large, I have really enjoyed myself, and hope to get even more out of this as the weeks progress.

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