I can see that this is going well..

Lying in bed listening to the rain battering my window on that Saturday morning, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of the Wolfestone team building camping experience! Nevertheless I summoned the Wolfestone ‘can do’ attitude and headed for Afan Argoed forest park in as much water proof clothing as I could find.

Once we had found an area big enough to accommodate our physical tasks and set up the tents, (unfortunately surrounding an unsuspecting pair of cycle enthusiasts who had a bit of a shock once they returned from a peaceful day on the tracks!), we commenced the activities. With the rain still coming down strong, the possibility of any outdoor tasks seemed slim to none, so we kicked off with our indoor activities. Once the rain had eased slightly we all braved the elements to complete our more physical tasks. One task which I found particularly interesting was an open mindedness task where we were told there had been a nuclear blast and a helicopter was arriving to take people to safety but it could only carry 6 of us. We then had to evaluate each other and decide on a way to choose who would go who would stay, be it random selection or based on certain criteria, such as if we had to build a new society who would be of more value? One member of the team suggested it would be the six who could run fastest, I won’t name names!

I would certainly recommend this experience to other small companies as a way of getting to know each other better. I can honestly say that when I saw the rain that morning I was not expecting the day to go as well as it did. Every member of the Wolfestone team came up with interesting and insightful tasks that helped us to bond as a company and to discover everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.

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