I heard about Wolfestone at a workshop organised by Swansea University’s School of Management. In that workshop I had the opportunity to meet with one of the founders of the company, Anna Bastek, who spoke with so much drive and passion over what she does. There were other company owners there too discussing their companies, and at the end of the workshop I got three contacts all wanting me to do an internship with them.

After deep consideration I decided to join Wolfestone as a Marketing Intern. My coming to Wolfestone was an unforgettable experience because I had the privilege to meet with a great team of happy workers that treated me as one of their own and not just as an intern. It made my time here short because I got so excited coming to the office every day.

I learned a lot about online and offline marketing here at Wolfestone and I wrote some blogs with the help of the Marketing team that were always encouraging me.

I also learned that every department in the company has their own fun. They don’t just work but they also like having an enjoyable time. In the Marketing department the manager brings in snacks almost every day for her team, and they also have a ‘Stress Relief Officer’ that makes us all so happy. Her name is Mia and she is the adorable office dog.

mia blog in post image

The Multimedia department also have their ways of keeping staff engaged by getting other departments to sing and dance like a karaoke session. The Sales department enjoy themselves too. As well as the Sales Director buying ice cream for all the departments, the Sales team also play quiz games based on quotes.

The Project Management team is one of the best departments after Marketing of course! They have a weekly ‘Come Dine With Me’ afternoon where they demonstrate their cooking talent. This is where one person cooks once for the rest of the team and next week another person cooks. I was so envious of them!

The Finance department has an abundance of biscuits every day for their team and lots of jokes to make us all laugh and happy.

With what I have seen here at Wolfestone, everyone takes their job seriously. They never let their fun time get in the way of the job they do. That is an undisputed fact!

Wolfestone team in onesies

I just want to use this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to Anna Bastek and the entire Wolfestone team of experienced staff for giving me the chance to learn in this conducive environment. I also want to thank my Mentor Amina Malik for being supportive and Ashley Norris and Natalie Moyce for doing a fantastic job. I had a wonderful time working as a Marketing intern.

Written by Oyeinkditon Churchill.


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