It is my last of six weeks here at Wolfestone and I am very happy that I got the chance to be here, because I enjoyed every minute and could constantly improve my oral as well as my written English skills. Surprisingly, I’ve increased my German Skills as well, because technical, legal or business German is very different to spoken language. During my internship I did many interesting tasks for instance writing German and English blogs, creating images for the website, posting ads or research which gave me the chance to learn a lot about marketing. In addition to my existing skills I could develop new ones. Audacity, Fox Reader or Dreamweaver were new to me and without my work experience I would never have got the chance to get to know them. Besides I could improve my skills with Word, Excel and Photoshop. It was sometimes difficult, but always funny and exciting.

Not only the work, but also my colleagues made it a great time for me. Sometimes we spent our spare time together – going to a pub, dining at a very exclusive restaurant or dance the night away in clubs. I hope to keep in contact with the nice and humorous team of Wolfestone, because I appreciate them as my friends.

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by Wolfestone Admin

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