The headlines are filled with doom and gloom about trading conditions in the UK, but there is plenty of cause for optimism further afield and like a lot of bosses, you might be keen to spread your wings on the international stage and exploit the commercial opportunities that exist in other countries.

To help you achieve your goals, you may need to take advantage of professional and accurate translation services. After all, effective communication is key in the world of business and if you fail to get your point across properly, you could tarnish your enterprise’s reputation and squander potential deals. The good news is, sourcing assistance from a high-quality translation agency is now easy.

UKTI issues encouragement

Firms in the West Midlands may be among those seeking help with website translation, technical translation and so on. Recently, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) encouraged companies in the area to get involved in market visits to countries like Brazil, India, China, Australia, the United States, Japan and Singapore.

Regional director of the organisation Doug Mahoney said: “We all know by now the importance the government is attaching to growing international trade to boost the UK economy. But so many companies in the West Midlands – particularly SMEs – still hold the view that the effort, time and funds they may have to invest wouldn’t be worth the return. Yet how wrong they would be.”

Further afield

He added: “Despite the doom and gloom in the eurozone we’re not suggesting companies dismiss Europe altogether. There are still flourishing markets in certain sectors and we are certainly continuing to provide trade missions to key European markets.

“However, we are also encouraging firms to look further afield… Research shows that SMEs are aware of this and are not restricting themselves to traditional markets like Western Europe. About a third of all SME exporters already export outside of Europe. The survey shows that 40 per cent of ‘young’ exporters are doing business with at least one high-growth market outside Europe.”

Making your life easier with professional translation services

Of course, trading overseas is not without its challenges. This means that where possible, it’s important you make your life simple. For example, by taking advantage of the services of a translation agency, you can ensure you’re able to communicate effectively with the individuals and organisations you deal with.

Here at Wolfestone we could be perfectly placed to help you. We’re a multi-award winning UK language company and our website translation, technical translation and other services are second to none.

Saving you money

To ensure we’re able to operate as efficiently as possible and therefore pass savings onto you, we’ve invested heavily in technology.

This could be welcome news if you’re operating on a tight budget. So, to find out more about what we have to offer, just take a look around our website or get in touch with our friendly and professional team by phone or email. With our help, you might find tapping into markets abroad that bit more straightforward.

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