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workerlogoOn the 26th of November one of the most important events in the health and safety area will take place in London. The conference and exhibition Lone Worker Safety will be focused on employees who perform an activity that is carried out in isolation, as these workers might be exposed to a greater risk than others.

The Lone worker safety event is becoming more and more popular every year. Its speakers are experts in their subjects and the list of exhibitors includes companies from a variety of sectors.

The importance of health and Safety at work

It is essential to remember that health and safety form an important part of our working lives; and with ever increasing labour mobility the demand for translation services rises as well.

According to the Trade Union Congress in the UK there are over 100,000 successful personal injury claims every year, normally paid out by the employers’ liability insurance, leading to higher premiums for the company. The Congress also estimates that in 2011 nearly 2 million people in UK were suffering from an illness, which resulted from their current or past work.

Accidents can be kept to a minimum only if employees fully understand what is expected of them. That can only be achieved by translating your documentation to a high standard. It also significantly reduces risks and protects not only workers but also the company itself.

We have worked on health and safety projects for a range of companies, including Vodafone. The telecommunication company needed to educate their employees about health and safety procedures.

When it comes to health and safety translation you can’t leave anything open to interpretation. The best choice is a professional translation company with experience in this area.

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