Communicating with people from different countries is becoming more and more important. We encounter people from different countries not only when we go on holiday but at work and in our own towns. You are now just as likely to need a few words of French to order something from the menu when visiting France for a business meeting or while on holiday. Companies need proper business translations and getting it right is critical, if you want to make a good impression. It is easy to make mistakes when translating, IKEA once tried to sell a workbench called FARTFULL, It was not well received so they had to change the name.

Overcoming the language barrier is becoming one of the most critical issues of current times. People, businesses and governments are all trying to come up with solutions to their needs in order to live, work, travel or operate abroad. It is for this reason that language training continues to be a fast growing industry, as people across the globe find learning a foreign language for life, work, travel or love to be absolute necessity. International organisations are paying for business translation services at an astounding rate. Why are they so important? They are an integral part of communicating with other cultures and building strong relationships, critical for the future success of the company. Militaries are also investing large sums of money in creating translation equipment for troops in foreign countries. And as long as people from different countries continue to speak different languages, this need will not lessen, the importance of translation will only increase.

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