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56.2% of consumers say the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price when purchasing online. The world has become more international and globalised which creates an opportunity for you in new markets.  So how to find a professional translation service to help you grow your business? The question is,  which company will help you to achieve your business and marketing goals?

Wolfestone is different.


Wolfestone, as a language and translation company is very different from others. We focus on innovation and raising standards of language and translation services within the whole industry. We are the member of the Association of Translation Company (ATC), the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC), Translation for Business Wales, and the American Translators Association. By being part of these associations, we follow a code of conduct and quality management system to ensure the quality of our service and desired results.

We’re highly focused on customer satisfaction – providing them an accurate, precise result; building a good customer relationship and partnership; we protect their information with confidentially agreements.

We listen to our customers, and give them a tailored solution according to their project’s requirements, needs and goals. We’re certified to BS EN 15038:2006, the European standard of quality translation services; ISO 9001:2008, a quality management standard; and also, the ISO 14001:2004, the environmental management standard. Hence, here is reliable evidence, and international standards to show how professional we are!

Our 7 different offers as a B2B language company:

As one of the largest translation companies in the UK, we offer various translation services, many of are outcome driven, focusing on the needs of consumer and their behaviour.  What we offer is often much more than just translation – translation of your marketing materials, mulitlingual SEO and technical translation – to name but a few. Many of the services we offer help businesses grow internationally.  The seven areas we can summarise here are:

1. Document translation services

We’ve four key service levels to meet your needs:

  1. Economy: low cost and efficient machine translation, which is good for large volumes of text.
  2. Business: document translation which is carried out by our unique Synergy X technology. It is perfect for business level but non business-critical translation requirements and low-importance information. For example, foreign document for an internal meeting.
  3. Corporate: document translation. This is a service which includes client consultation and source text review which is perfect for business-critical or technically complex translations.
  4. Enterprise: document translation, is a creative translation service specifically for your on-brand messaging. We will help you add the extra element that makes sure you meet the cultural concerns. This is perfect for digital publication, slogans or article titles.

2. Localisation, transcreation and multilingual SEO services

Localisation helps you overcome the cultural concerns, aspects and barriers within the translation process. This can be found in website, software and multimedia localisation. Multilingual SEO can help you optimise your website on searches, to get good traffic in your target country! We recreate your marketing copy with the same emotional impact and marketing power as the original version.  This is not straight forward.

3. Proofreading services

Our multilingual reviewers will do proofreading to make sure your foreign text is correct and meets cultural differences.

4. Other type of translation

We offer other types of translation such as, technical, legal, financial, patent, marketing and PR.

5. Voiceover services

We’ve over 800 professionally trained and experienced voiceover artists to offer you a different foreign voice in any language.

6. Interpreting services

Conference interpreters, court interpreters, telephone interpreters, certified interpreters… Various qualified interpreters can be found for your simultaneous or consecutive interpreting!

7. Multimedia services

Any other additional multimedia services such as, video editing and subtitling, transcription and desktop publishing (DTP) can be provided for you as well!

Remember, the opportunity is in your fingertips. Wolfestone is a translation company that differs from others and can help you to extend your business. 


For more information about Wolfestone services:

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