If you are not changing, you are not growing. That is our motto at Wolfestone. To remain stagnant, in a way, is to be in reverse; if you aren’t growing, you are not going forward so what is the point? That is why we continually listen to our clients’ monthly feedback to ensure our workflows are as effective, efficient and excellent as they can be.

Here are some of the recent updates we have made to improve ourselves and the services we provide you to make sure that you look good all around the world.

Wolfestone Quality Assurance

We Are the Quality in Quality Assurance

Workflow tweaking leads us to improve the way we do businesses with you. Your feedback on how our systems operate as an independent set-of-eyes helps us improve the quality of our work and turnaround. As you are impartial, standing far away from the system that we have heavily scrutinised, it means you can give essential critiques that we have missed. That is why we improved our quality assurance process.

After every 5 jobs, we check a task as a sample to make sure they pass the quality test. This quality evaluation process ensures that the translators never slack on a job as they get comfortable working for us. By keeping them on their toes with these regular random assessments, translators do not risk complacency and provide the highest-quality translation available.

Technology in Translation

Terminators Help Translation

Technology or machine translation are seen as dirty words in the industry, but the benefits of it are speeding up the translation process. Translation memory, for example, has seen a dramatic effect on translations for recurring clients as well as recurring industries. These repetitions are saved in the language meaning if we translate any document that features this then the tool kicks in and replaces it to save needless work, meaning significant time savings.

We continue to invest in technology to ensure that we keep on track with how the industry is progressing. When the technology is proven, it becomes integrated into our workflows to advance our translation service.

Do not confuse this with aiming to replace people as translators. We are aiming to provide them the best tools for their craft that allows them to not dilly-dally around terms, phrases and other repetitions that slow down their creative process. Translators are creative, they adapt nuances of language that technology does not understand.

Scandinavian Translators


We noticed that Scandinavian translation has increased recently. Although we had great translators from this sector, we still searched for more to ensure that the company had the best-of-the-best. Each still have our promises: multiple-stage selection process, years of experience, industry-specific training and so on. The only difference is we now even more to delegate our tasks too should everyone request similar services at the same time. Preparation is key, you see. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. All that jazz.

These are some of the bigger changes we have implemented into our business to ensure stand head-and-shoulders above the rest of market. That is why we have branched out further with VoiceBox and there is a lot more in the pipeline. Other companies either go all the way with machine translation or all the way with human translation. The best end plan is blending technology with human resources to ensure that the best service is provided and that’s true for all business.

If you have any more questions or want more specifics, drop us an email at mail@wolfestone.co.uk. We’re happy to clarify.

If you have worked with us in the past and have suggestions that you think would develop our processes, use the same email. Constructive criticism is essential in improvement, it will not fall on deaf ears. Instead, it will pique our interests in further honing our craft as we pride ourselves on our quality and our customers. Who better to inform us on our quality than our customers?!


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by Ashley Norris

Sales & Marketing Executive at Wolfestone. Ashley Norris graduated from Aberystwyth University with a First Class Honours in Film & Television Studies. Before and during his degree, Ashley became a professional writer and experienced digital marketer across several social channels, design packages and video editing software. Ashley recently expanded his role to manage clients' accounts. Ashley is a big fan of writing, films, music, art and his bearded sausage dog, Hudson.

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