The Centre for Economic and Business Research recently published a study which highlights that exports to the EU help to support 4.2 million jobs in the UK, and are worth £211 billion to the economy.  This article gives 3 tips on how UK businesses trade successfully with their European neighbours.

1)    Translate your website/company brochure/product information

Research found out that only 27% of the internet is English speaking, and if you translate your website into 11 languages you are able to access 84% of internet users.  The same goes for your company and product information. It is always a bonus when you can provide your potential customers with a product information in their native language.

Uk Trade with the EU

2)    Follow the in-country business etiquette and culture

When you do business with European companies the business etiquette and culture varies from country to country. For example, if you consider approaching a German company make sure that you are always on time for meetings, use titles as well as surnames and offer a firm and brief handshake. However, in France, a handshake is light and brisk and you should expect a loose grip. And address French business partners using ‘Monsieur’ and ‘Madam’ and introduce yourself using your first and last name.

3)    Comply with legislation

And last but not least, make sure that when you trade with the EU that you’re compliant.  You’ll need to have your documents translated by law for certain markets. Don’t assume that English is good enough for your product description, just because two thirds of Europeans have at least working knowledge of English. We recommend in-depth research and support when going into a new country, to avoid any faux-pas.

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by Linda Roper

Linda Roper is the Marketing Manager at Wolfestone. She contributes to the blog on areas such as pay-per-click, email marketing and SEO. When she is not contributing exciting content, you’ll most likely find her optimising the company’s pay-per-click account, planning the next email marketing campaign or updating website content.

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