Wolfestone Translation is sponsoring a team to complete The Sucata Run which is the European charity banger rally tour from France to Portugal and is taking place on August Bank Holiday weekend.
The Sucata Rally consists of teams of up to 4 people driving in an old car worth no more than £250 for 5 days. The tour starts in Normandy’s capital, Rouen and proceeds 2000km through Bordeaux and Spain and ends at Europe’s most westerly point in Portugal. Wolfestone is sponsoring Ghostbusters – a 4 man team from Swansea comprising of Phil Burchell the team captain and co-drivers John Burchell, Steve Gray and Richard Ward from Swansea. We will be following their progress through My Space and SMS daily.
This year there are 66 teams taking part and 100% of the money teams raise goes directly to charity. Benefiting from the tour is a charity called Gemini, a UK charity that encourages children and young people around the world to talk to each other about issues that are important to them. This is to help break down cultural, religious and social barriers. The aim of the programme is to discourage the use of violence against other religions, cultures or states. The Sucata Run also has green credentials as they will be off-setting all the carbon created by the run using carbon off setting companies.
Anna Bastek, Director of Wolfestone Translation said: “We are always happy to support good causes and the Sucata Run is a great and exciting event. I’m sure next year Wolfestone Translation will enter the run ourselves as it is a great team building event and a great opportunity to help people in need.”
At the end of the race the participants have the option to scrap their car in an environmentally friendly way or if they have grown attached to it over the course of the 5 days they can take it back home with them. Wolfestone Translation is all for crossing barriers and boundaries (even in an old banger!) and we wish the Ghostbusters team the best of luck.

For more information visit our website www.wolfestone.co.uk!

by Wolfestone Admin

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