At Wolfestone, we like to keep things simple.

We understand that effective freelancers need to be efficient – time is money, as the old cliché goes – and the more time you spend on things you’re not getting paid to do, the more earning potential you’re wasting.

So, we’re working to help you minimise the time you need to spend on admin, emails and invoicing.

How will it work?

One of our biggest ongoing developments is to transition to more automated workflows which will allow us to serve our customers more efficiently. This will not only save time for our project managers, but also make things easier for you. At the moment we’re still working on ensuring the system can meet our requirements, but in the meantime, we want to give you an idea of how it will eventually work.

With price profiles set up in the system, we can automate requests sending and PO calculation. You’ll get an email asking if you are available for the work, you just click yes or no. The job will be assigned immediately to the first person to accept it and the PO will be sent automatically – no more waiting for the PM to send you the PO or access to the files, you can start straight away. This way you will be able to spend more time translating (and earning money) and less time on “paperwork”.

If this sounds a bit like a bidding war, please be assured it’s not. Each client’s pool of providers will be tailored to the client’s specialist subject matter, so you will just be among a select few who are contacted; in some cases, you may even be the only member of the “pool”. This method is intended to match the right translator to each customer and also eliminates any favouritism from the project managers.

Improving PM-translator relations

We’re keen to ensure we maintain our great relationships with our providers, so please don’t think that automation will mean we don’t want to talk to you directly – it’s quite the opposite! Now that the administrative work is out of the way, the PMs will be more available to help you with your queries and to keep in touch about the projects, ensuring that you can help us to deliver the quality and service our clients expect.

You don’t even need to invoice the job, as we’ll stick to our usual methods of sending a statement at the end of the month, and paying on time by 14th of the following month. The automation means no possibility of human error in any figures which could affect your payment, ensuring that we keep our promises to you.

Once automated projects are introduced, there will be no negotiation of fees on these projects. This will maintain consistency for you and save time for both of us. The rates which have been sent by email will also be used by PMs as a guideline for non-automated projects; negotiation will be necessary on some projects but we’ll aim to stick to the agreed rates as much as possible.

Integrated technology for greater efficiency

Furthermore, our in-house CAT tool, XTM, is linked to all the workflows, so you’ll automatically be able to make use of the TM leverage and any repetitions – no need to spend time downloading or uploading or emailing files. You accept the job, you get the link to the system, once it’s done you click that it’s ready, and that’s it; our system takes care of the rest. There isn’t even any need to back up files or worry about your computer crashing, XTM saves it all as you go along.

So what do we need from you?

All we require is that you tell us if you’re happy with our rates, which we will have sent to you by email.

You just need to click yes or no, then we’ll be in touch.

Thank you very much and we look forward to our next project with you,

The Wolfestone Team